Through my practice, Hypnosis 2 Change, I’ve helped thousands of people overcome their personal struggles with anxiety, depression, and phobias. However, the great majority of my clients come to me for my specialty: easy, effective, and healthy weight loss. Most of my weight loss clients come to me very late in their weight loss struggle when they’ve tried everything else: diets, exercise, pills, and even dangerous surgeries. They come to my weight loss program as a last resort after nothing else has worked. Rather than being intimidated by these seemingly unsolvable weight loss cases, I’ve always welcomed them because I embraced the opportunity to demonstrate why the Hypnosis 2 Change Weight Loss Program works when nothing else does. My clients are always pleasantly surprised when the pounds come off after just the first session. When their friends and families see the success and the amazing transformation not just physically, but emotionally, and mentally they always ask me:

  • How were you so confident they would lose the weight?
  • What makes the hypnosis 2 change weight loss program work when nothing else has?
  • What is your secret?
  • And my favorite: How is it possible to get such dramatic and lasting results through just 5 sessions?

These questions have come up over and over again, so I’ve decided to answer them in a series of videos so I can help others that might also be struggling with their weight loss.

Please stay tuned for my next video where I will share with you my personal weight loss journey.