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A full 48 hours notice is required for canceling appointments.

Clients who fail to show up for a scheduled appointment are

charged for the full cost of their schedule session.

Service Descriptions

  • Free FREE 30-Minute Phone Consultation (for any service)

  • Individual Session 60 min $265 with Alisa Abdullaeva in person

  • Individual Session 60 Min $235 with Alisa Abdullaeva via Skype or FaceTime

  • Individual Session 90 min  $295 with Alisa Abdullaeva in person

  • Individual Weight Loss Session 2 1/2 hours $495  (Total of 6 Weight Loss sessions, 2.5 hours each should be planned to complete within 2 weeks. Please call to schedule 5 remaining sessions (678) 856-6090


Alisa Abdullaeva
Alisa Abdullaeva