Why Hypnosis 2 Change Weight Loss Program Works!

Instead of asking why your life is not the way you want it to be, ask yourself HOW you can change your future and BE one of those people who lose weight and become fit and healthy.

Of all the services offered through my practice, losing weight is by far the one I have the most number of clients come to me for help with. This should come as no surprise since the population of people who are overweight is continuously increasing in our country. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), over 75% of the US adult population is now overweight. The magnitude of the obesity epidemic in the US has given rise to a multitude of weight loss treatment solution, such as exercise, dieting, weight loss medication, bariatric surgery, liposuction, and behavioral modification.

The weight loss industry has grown so much that it is forecasted to grow to a $66 billion industry this year. If there’s no shortage of treatment options for those looking to lose weight, why is the obese population continuously growing rather than shrinking? As this article on CNN points out, it’s because most treatment options try to address the physical aspects of the obesity problem when the root cause resides in the brain where the desire for overeating originates.

If you want to achieve success with your weight loss, you must understand this key principle:

Food addiction is NOT a problem of the body, it’s a problem of the MIND. So to solve it, you must understand psychology of the mind.

Through my practice, I have successfully helped over 2,400 people achieve their weight loss goals and most importantly help them lasting weight loss result.  Most of these clients came to me as a last resort after they have tried every other option only to be met with repeated failures and disappointments. Rather than being intimidated by their history of failed weight loss attempts, I have always been delighted by the prospect of helping them achieve results when all other approaches have failed. My confidence lies in my understanding of why the Hypnosis 2 Change weight loss program is so effective: it addresses and fixes weight loss problems at their point of origination: the brain.

The Hypnosis 2 Change Weight Loss Program utilizes over 30 subconscious practices and methods that produces behavioral changes by resolving underlying emotional issues. By unlocking and leveraging the infinite power of the subconscious mind, lasting weight loss can be achieved easily and effectively without being subjected to restrictive diets and rigorous exercise regimens. Best of all, the power of the subconscious mind makes it possible to achieve this lasting result weight loss through just several sessions.

* We are proud to showcase stories of our actual clients. Those featured followed the Hypnosis 2 Change Weight Loss Program and were committed to their own success. Individual results may vary.Read More

Individual Program Or Group Program

Both the individual and group weight loss program start with initial consultation. During this consultation, you will go through an initial weight loss assessment to understand the reasons for your weight gain or other health concerns whether physiological or psychological.

In the weight loss program sessions, you will be asked very personal and intimate questions in order to trace your food addiction back to its original root. In order to effectively resolve the underlying emotional issues responsible for food addiction, clients must be able to share honestly and openly. Therefore, clients who are not comfortable sharing themselves in a group setting should enroll in the individual therapy.

Hypnosis 2 Change Weight Loss Program is booking now for the two-weekend weight-loss event starting April 21th, 22nd, 23rd and 29th. Be there and experience it yourself. Contact us now for your free consultation with Alisa. 

Clients with deep trauma will need more time and individual attention than what is available in group therapy and should also enroll in the individual therapy.

Individual Weight Loss

For clients without deep trauma and who are comfortable sharing in a group setting, I recommend enrolling in group therapy for faster recovery at lower cost.

Group Weight Loss