ScaredMedical science has had a difficult time calculating how prevalent fears and phobias are, partly because this category covers so many different situations, and partly because these difficulties are under-reported. Still, there is no doubt that these difficulties afflict tens of millions of Americans and present a roadblock on your path to a happy, productive life.

A phobia is ordinarily created by an experience that created a powerful emotional response, a response that has associated the initial experience in the subconscious mind with a trigger or stimulus that might have nothing to do with the event that created the phobia. When we are presented with a trigger, such as being in a tall building or inside an airplane, we experience anxiety, fear and panic despite our efforts to tell ourselves that we have nothing to fear.

Indeed, statistics show very clearly that air travel is safer than automobile travel, and we are far more likely to be injured walking down the street than looking out the window of a tall building. However, as we all know, fears and phobias are often disconnected from objective reality.

The most effective method for reducing or eliminating an irrational fear or phobia is to cut the link between the stimulus that triggers the fear the original event. In other words, the idea is to eliminate the subconscious association between the two. However, addressing this dynamic strictly at a conscious level does not always work because phobias interact with the subconscious, which is where the work of eliminating a phobia has to begin.

It is important to recognize the difference between a phobia and a panic attack, although some people have to grapple with both of these. In this situation, it is even more vital to ensure that we make the distinction so we can successfully address the underlying problem.

Hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) are two very powerful tools for eliminating phobias and anxieties because they allow you to leverage the power of your subconscious mind to eliminate the underlying causes. Phobias based on a single specific trigger can often be resolved in four sessions or fewer, while some of the more complex phobias may require a few additional sessions to address.

Thanks to my years of training and study, I have more than 30 practices and methods we can use to help resolve your phobias. Please contact me so we can put you on the road to a life unburdened by fears and phobias, and a happy life in which you are free to pursue your dreams unburdened by things that can be readily eliminated.

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