What is a phobia?

A phobia is created by a past experience that triggered a powerful emotional response. Tiny events from one’s childhood such as fear of abandonment, criticism, or other discomforts can manifest in phobias. This fear then becomes associated with a trigger or stimulus that might have nothing to do with the event that created the phobia. For example, when one feels fear from a shacking plane or experiences fear of heights, it is a continuation of fear from one’s childhood rooted in the subconscious.

When presented with a trigger, we experience anxiety, fear, and panic despite our efforts to tell ourselves that we have nothing to fear. Addressing this dynamic strictly at a conscious level does not always work, because phobias are not logical, and cannot be persuaded away with reason.

To treat a phobia, we have to start at the root, in the subconscious mind.

The most effective method for reducing or eliminating an irrational fear or phobia is to cut the link between the stimulus that triggers the fear and the original event. The idea is to eliminate

Think about it:

Statistics show that air travel is safer than automobile travel, yet many more people have a fear of flying than of driving. 
We are far more likely to be injured walking down the street than looking out the window of a tall building, yet many people are extremely afraid of heights

What is the difference between a phobia and a panic attack?

While phobias and panic attacks have similar symptoms, such as trembling, hyperventilation, and excessive sweating, it is important to recognize the difference between the two.

Phobias are based on a single specific trigger. One can experience phobia when exposed to a trigger or when thinking about possible exposure to the trigger. Panic attacks often arise unexpectedly and are not isolated to a specific trigger.

Whether you are experiencing phobias or panic attacks, hypnotherapy can help! By peering into the subconscious mind, and untying negative association, hypnotherapy can help overwrite patterns of fear and panic. Some phobias may be resolved in four sessions or fewer!

Thanks to my years of training and study, I have more than 30 practices and methods we can use to help resolve your phobias.

Contact me so we can put you on the road to a life unburdened by fears and phobias, and a happy life in which you are free to pursue your dreams unburdened by things that can be readily eliminated.

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