Do you struggle with any of these thoughts and beliefs?

• “I am often overwhelmed or exhausted.”

• “I have few interests, and even the things I was interested in before are not appealing anymore.”

• “Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by an inexplicable sadness.”

• “I recently experienced loss and I don’t know how to move on.”

• “It is difficult to find the motivation to get out of bed.”

• “I am often overwhelmed with negative thoughts, especially about myself.”

• “I don’t believe things will get better. Nothing changes.”

• “I don’t want to do anything but sleep.”

• “Sometimes I have positive thoughts, but ultimately I fall back into negativity.” 

• “I’m fed up with this cycle; I am ready to heal my depression.”

If you have been having some of these thoughts, consider this possibility:

Imagine yourself waking up happy every morning, ready to jump out of bed, looking forward to all you will learn and discover. Imagine the joy of having your energy back and returning to a full life.

If you suffer from depression, please know that you are not alone. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as many as one in 10 Americans struggle with depression, and the majority of those have experienced a major depressive episode in any given year.

Depression can rob you of your joy of life and interfere with the quality of your relationships. Many find that depression makes it difficult to make decisions, and the sadness makes it almost impossible sometimes to do the things that bring you happiness and peace. Depression can also interfere with sleep, which in turn drives overeating, but lack of sleep also interferes with your ability to drive safely.

What can cause depression?

The list is a long one. An event such as divorce, or some sort of traumatic event, are among the life experiences that can trigger depression. I’m committed to working on that problem with you so you can experience freedom and aliveness. Whether your depression began in childhood or came on later in life, and whether your depression is the result of a specific event or an ongoing condition in your life, together we can beat it with hypnotherapy.

Please be assured that depression can be fully addressed with clinical hypnotherapy. I have helped innumerable clients to safely and comfortably face the things that leave them feeling depressed. My extensive training in hypnotherapy has provided me with more than 30 practices and methods that we can use together to relieve you of your depression, and restore the happiness and contentment you have missed for so long.

Hypnosis 2 Change can help you reposition your intrusive thoughts and feelings into a manageable, empowering context. I will help you to desensitize your physical and mental anxiety responses to a healthy and appropriate level, and restore your happiness from within!

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