Treating Anxiety with Hypnotherapy!

  • Are intrusive thoughts or panic attacks making your life difficult?

  • Do you feel your medications aren’t as effective as before or are not effective at all?

  • Do you feel tense, anxious, or panicky? 

  • Do you find that your anxiety or depression is interfering with your normal daily routine?

  • Do you have trouble completing simple tasks at work, at school or at home?

  • Have you been experiencing feelings of hopelessness, sadness, or a lack of motivation for two weeks or more? 

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, chances are you may have anxiety.


Anxiety is the result of fear.

To truly understand anxiety, we have to examine it at the root level. Often, anxiety is the result of a pattern of fear which started during one’s childhood. When a young child experiences fear of abandonment, or a lack of safety, a trauma occurs that becomes lodged in the subconscious mind.

When we are afraid, our body responds to our mental state with physiological symptoms– increase in heart rate, shortness of breath, chest pain, sweating, trembling, or shaking.  These symptoms tend to produce a “fight or flight response” which causes us to take action so that we can be “safe.” Anxiety makes it so one chooses “flight” more often than one should. Therefore, many individuals, in avoiding situations that produce anxiety, limit themselves from living a fulfilling life. 

Luckily, the often overwhelming negative side effects of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) can be effectively treated

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What We Expect From You as a Client

To effectively treat anxiety disorder, we require a willingness to actively participate in treatment. As a patient, you will need to attend regularly, and carry out self-help homework assignments. All of these factors combined can be very effective in healing your anxiety.

I can help you get to the root of your anxiety, and start addressing the problems you have suppressed for so long!

Contact me today for a free 15-minute consultation so we can help you embark on the journey to an anxiety-free life.

Anxiety and Depression
Absolutely amazing! Exceeded all of my expectations!
I travelled from Washington, D.C., to work with Alisa in Atlanta. I wanted to resolve my childhood trauma, concerns about how I eat, OCPD, and my purpose in life. Let me tell you that I got all of that and much more! Alisa is very smart, intuitive, kind and loving. She is well trained and combines several techniques to find the right treatment. Thank you so much for all your help. Highly recommended!
When I met Alisa, I was in an extremely bad place in life. I was addicted to heavy liquor, cigarettes and I had a severe anxiety. I remember I used to get overwhelmed and I felt like my life was falling apart and I couldn’t stop panicking. In 2015 I finally decided to take a step to help my addiction and I booked a session with Alisa. The year is now 2016 and I haven’t touched alcohol and cigarettes for over 8 months. My anxiety is almost gone. It’s used be high 9-10 on the daily basis and now it’s 2-3. I feel like Alisa brought the true, authentic and real “Me” out of the dark, and I have Alisa to thank for. Thanks to Alisa I am finally living my life for the first time!
Latasha Simpson
I contacted Alisa when was in a state of emotional anxiety. She was patient in listening out the problem over initial counseling and customized the next sessions thorough various methods of phychotherapy. Alisa was non-judgemental, compassionate and gave attention to every bit of detail including monitored hypnosis sessions. At times she expects the same level of commitment from her clients which was sometimes difficult given my state. Just be careful to sign up only if fully committed. With some patience things were worked out and understood the root cause of anxiety and guilt of losing people close to you.

She is quite professional in her methods and I also learnt to go through the process without analyzing every aspect. Starting with role plays, drawings she also creates necessary audio material and shares relevant video links as per situation for the specific area. I have bettered over last month, moving towards a positive change in life!

Chris Lowes


Trust me, You Can Break the Cycle of Anxiety!
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