Almost every day, we see a new weight loss diet, pill, or program on the market. And you, like most other people, have tried at least a few dozen methods to lose weight. Have you ever asked yourself: why haven’t I lost the weight and kept it off?

I have been helping people to lose weight, overcome addiction, anxiety, and depression for the past 12 years. My clients consist of both men and women, typically from 24-61 years of age. These are professional people: athletes, single moms, business owners, CEOs of large corporations, and even some celebrities. Every person who walks through the door of my office has a desire to lose weight, feel happy, and become confident. But, at the same time, they all seek a quick fix. All my new clients asking me the same questions: “How can I lose weight FAST? Does it involve diet or exercise? Will I keep the weight off? How fast will I lose weight?”

By the time people come to me, they have tried at least 10 different diets, weight loss pills, 5 different weight loss programs, exercising, and some have tried even liposuction. Most of them have spent at least $12,000 on programs that didn’t work, or worked for short period of time. Everyone’s focus has been on their body image throughout the years. None of my clients have concentrated on the emotional and physical aspects of their health, and the impact of the dietary pills, diets, and stresses that they experience in their life, relationships, or work. Many of my weight loss clients have chronic pains in their feet, knees, back, blood pressure, acid reflux, diabetes, liver problem, high cholesterol, low self esteem, food or alcohol addiction, anxiety, and depression.  In this fast-paced life, no one has time to take time to think why they have even gained weight? What makes them eat when they are not hungry? What made them gain weight? What makes them turn to food when they get home after work? What’s not working in their life? What’s missing? What makes them anxious, depressed or bored?

Rather than turning to heal psychological and emotional problems, everyone continues to buy into the $60 billion dollar diet industry, from weight loss pills to magic belts that melt fat while watching TV. It sounds crazy, but people buy into all of the magical quick fixes out there just to continue avoiding nurturing themselves, their food addiction, anxiety, or depression, which triggers them to eat.