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hypnotherapist Alisa Abdullaeva

Alisa Abdullaeva

is an internationally renowned clinical hypnotherapist who has helped 2600 people worldwide through her clinical hypnotherapy sessions, seminars, group therapies, and lectures. In her practice, she applies studies of hypnotherapy, NLP, spiritual Ayurveda counseling, and psychology from Russia, China, India, and the US.

In addition to her clinical hypnotherapy sessions and group therapy, Alisa Abdullaeva devotes a significant portion of her time to giving public lectures and seminars that provide knowledge on how to live happy, healthy lives based on time-tested results.

Her sessions and seminars have helped 2600 people worldwide to overcome depression, anxiety, phobias, addiction, family conflicts, and chronic health problems. Alisa Abdullava is a recognized expert in the field of family psychology, hypnotherapy and personal growth and development.

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Her reputation for effective hypnotherapy and counseling for anxiety, depression, insomnia, relationship problems, weight loss, phobias, family conflict & struggle attracts clients not only from Atlanta and the US but from all around the world.
In my practice, I alter my approach to my clients’ needs. Each client is unique and different therefore I use many different approaches.

Kiné Corder

is a Clinical hypnotherapist specializing in financial therapy, trauma, anxiety, and anger. She is also a best selling author, international speaker and the founder of Prosperity Club. Over her almost 20 years serving clients, Kiné has helped business owners and families through one-on-one sessions, workshops, group coaching, and lectures.

Recently trained by world renowned clinical hypnotherapist Alisa Abdullaeva Kiné has honed a unique set of skills. In her practice, she combines all of her experiences, education, and compassion to guide patients to their idea of healing. With training in wellness, wealth, relationships, and business strategy, Kiné brings innovation to join with her patients on a transformational journey to reduce stress and remove the blocks to their idea of success.

Her work has helped many people overcome trauma, anxiety, PTSD, family conflicts, and chronic illnessKiné has made a name for herself as the hypnotherapist specializing in financial therapy, offering business owners and executives the tools to reduce stress and move through the blocks to success so they can feel more confidence personally and financially.

Kiné has worked with powerful influencers who don’t have a safe space for change and others who have been in therapy for years with no change, helping them breakthrough resistance to create the lifestyle they desire. Patients report discovering parts of themselves they didn’t know existed, while having a renewed sense of self.

Kiné Corder is a Clinical hypnotherapist specializing in financial therapy

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

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“Alisa’s passion for this program is contagious and she deeply cares for her clients.”


“I tell everyone that I know how great my experience was and hope more people…”


“Alisa, thanks to your program, I stopped being an emotional eater.”

Liliya Burshteyn

“After completing the initial stage of the program, I now enjoy food more and have a real desire to eat better and live a healthier, more fulfilled life.”


“I highly recommend Alisa, I got so much more…”


Hypnosis 2 Change Weight Loss client shares her weight loss results!

Pat Merrit

More than


Clients changed their Lives

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“I am so grateful and honored to work with my clients, who are committed healing their addiction, phobia, depression or anxiety. It was a pleasure to work with you Pat. Thank you for trusting me to take you through the eye of the needle. And thank you for your generous review and video!”

– Alisa Abdullaeva

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