About Alisa

Alisa Abdullaeva Alisa Abdullaeva is a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Licensed Practitioner of NLP, Certified Instructor of Hypnotherapy, and Life Coach. Alisa studied NLP, psychology, and clinical hypnotherapy in Russia, China and the United States. Alisa has helped two thousand and four hundred people transforming their lives and their careers through her Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) audio programs, health products, group therapies, seminars, and personal coaching. She’s been fortunate to work with everyone from Hollywood celebrities to some legendary athletes and CEOs of Fortune 500. Alisa has a special passion for working with a small-business owners, teachers, parents, and teenagers. Furthermore, Alisa was a Seminar Leader for Landmark Education. Landmark Education is a global leader in the field of training and development, bringing fundamental shift in people’s lives.

People travel from all over the United States to see Alisa, a well known Professional Expert in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), to lose weight, quit smoking, insomnia, phobias, anxiety, depression and more. Alisa state that clinical hypnosis is the most effective therapy because it gets to the root cause of problems. Alisa has found her calling to be extremely rewarding because it has given her the opportunity to transform the quality of life and make life-changing impact for so many people.

“The easiest of all problems to treat is weight loss. Hypnotherapy for weight loss is incredibly successful, and brings 95% success rate, resulting in lasting weight loss. It only takes few sessions and is an extremely simple and enjoyable process that works. Alisa says, “I offer a Lasting Results in Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and Quit Smoking”.

Four years ago, Alisa founded Well-being Foundation to make a significant contribution to humanity. WellBeing Foundation believes that since clean and safe drinking water is the fountain of life, it is every human being’s right to have access to it. This non-profit organization strives to build solar-powered wells to those in need in Africa and other parts of the world. Alisa has been instrumental in leading the development and growth of this non-profit organization through strategic planning and dedicated execution. Through Alisa’s inspirational leadership, after three years of fundraising, marketing, and economic liaison, the WellBeing team of eight dedicated members gifted their first well to the Maasai tribe of Esupetai, Kenya. This transformative and rewarding experience speaks to the core of the foundation’s mission.

About Maya

Maya Maya is a heart-centered, intuitive, mindfulness-based therapist, deeply interested in accompanying her clients in their journey to health, happiness and wholeness. Through her transpersonal understanding of the human experience, as well as her warm, compassionate presence, she facilitates a safe healing space for children, adults, couples and groups. She considers herself holistically oriented, aiming to facilitate awareness, communication and harmony between body, emotions, mind and Spirit within mindfulness-based therapy. Maya is also a yoga teacher and is inspired to integrate yogic meditation, breath and physical practices with therapy to pave way for true wellness.

Understanding that we thrive when we are receiving the support, guidance and nourishment that we need, Maya is dedicated to holding a supportive, open-hearted and open-minded space for people who choose to receive it. She envisions her life work as helping people articulate and embody their most authentic vision for their lives, helping them work mindfully with the inner and outer obstacles they encounter. Maya fully believes in the innate wholeness of every human being and our inherent drive toward healing and self-actualization. Her goals are to facilitate personal growth and mental, emotional and spiritual well-being for people of all walks of life through individual, couples and group work.

Maya Lemberg earned her Master’s of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Sofia University. She is a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia, and a Nationally Certified Counselor.

Humanitarian Efforts

www.wellbeing-foundation.org, an Atlanta-Based 501c3 Organization, on a mission to bringing water and care for those in need of it. As of May, 2012 because of the foundation, the Massai tribe of Esupetai, Kenya has clean drinking water for years to come.

Alisa Abdullaeva Wellbeing Foundation